Inflation – A Perennial Investor Concern

The drivers of inflation are many and complex. They include global economic and policy forces as well as domestic. Learn more about PIMCO’s thinking on this important topic and its significance for investing.

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Understanding Inflation
Understanding Investing

Understanding Inflation

Understanding Inflation

Inflation affects all aspects of the economy, from consumer spending, business investment and employment rates to government programs, tax policies, and interest rates. Understanding inflation is crucial to investing because inflation can reduce the value of investment returns.

Fed Policy Amid Elevated Inflation Concerns
Resiliency Through Flexibility
Want to Mitigate Inflation? Take a Portfolio Approach
Assessing Inflation: Theories, Policies and Portfolios
Realigning Inflation Expectations
ECB: New Inflation Target, Old Tools
Fed’s Latest Shift Still Consistent With Policy Framework
Cyclical Outlook: Peak Policy, Peak Inflation, Peak Growth

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