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Olivia A. Albrecht
Head of ESG Business Strategy
Jamil Baz
Head of Client Solutions and Analytics
Peder Beck-Friis
Portfolio Manager, Global Macro
Andrew Bosomworth
Head of Portfolio Management, Germany
Jelle Brons
Portfolio Manager, Global Investment Grade Credit
Mukundan Devarajan
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
Ran Duan
Head of Emerging Markets Analytics
Joachim Fels
Global Economic Advisor
Gene Frieda
Global Strategist
Normane Gillmann
Quantitative Research Analyst
Shuo Huang
Quantitative Research Analyst
Nicholas J. Johnson
Portfolio Manager, Commodities
Nicola Mai
Portfolio Manager, Sovereign Credit Analyst
Scott A. Mather
CIO U.S. Core Strategies
Ravi K. Mattu
Global Head of Analytics
Pierre Monroy
Quantitative Research Analyst
Rama S. Nambimadom
Head of Credit Analytics
Lupin Rahman
Head of EM Sovereign Credit
Jeremy Rosten
Client Solutions and Analytics
Steve Sapra
Client Solutions & Analytics
Lutz Schloegl
Head of Rates, FX, Commodity & EM Analytics
Klaus Thuerbach
Product Strategist, Liquid Real Assets
Ashish Tiwari
Head of Client Solutions, Americas
Matthew Tracey
Account Manager, Financial Institutions Group
Konstantin Veit
Portfolio Manager, European Rates
Min Xiao
Strategist, Asset Allocation Solutions
Edward Sasinowski
Account Manager
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