The Investment Learning Path

Uncover everything there is to know about fixed income in this accredited six-part knowledge series. With five key topics per series supported by tools, case studies and videos, you’ll have everything you need to engage with your clients about fixed income.

  • Accredited Knowledge Series

    Everything you need to know about fixed income in an easy-to-follow six-part series, each with five topics to explore.

  • Client Tools

    Clear and engaging tools to help your clients understand fixed income including articles, videos and charts.

  • Case Studies

    Explore how fixed income can drive returns throughout the market cycle with our range of case studies.

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Series 1

Bond Basics


This series will help you understand what bonds are. We'll introduce you to the fundamentals, the different types, their important features and how they can pertain to your investment strategies.

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Series 2

Navigating Rates


Learn to explain to investors how interest rates are determined, examine the close relationship between interest rates and bonds, and discuss interest rate risk within the context of your investor’s portfolio.

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Series 3

How to Invest in Bonds


How many ways can one invest in bonds? What is the difference between bond and equity investing? Answer these questions and discuss some of the complexities of bond investing.

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