Women, Investing and the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance

Balancing wealth goals with life’s realities is a constant challenge.

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Wealth-Life Balance

Women are increasingly in charge of personal wealth yet their financial goals and overall investment philosophy is often at odds with how the financial industry has traditionally helped investors manage their savings.

Women on Wealth

For the first time, women control more of the private wealth in the U.S. than men.1

The vast majority of women see investing as a way to meet short and long-term goals.
  • Investing for the short term
  • Investing for the long term
74% 91%

Women on Life

According to our research, women are living a time-starved reality. While men generally see themselves as either the CEO or CFO of the household, women take on responsibility for the entire C-suite. It’s no surprise, then, that time management is a daily challenge for women.

70% of women are looking for ways to streamline their responsiblities.
63% of women* say “planning for tomorrow is difficult when there is already so much on my plate.”
*Women surveyed under the age of 55.

Role in the Household

  • Women (n=748)
  • Women > $100K investable assets (n=340)

*CEO – Chief Executive Officer; CFO – Chief Financial Officer; COO – Chief Operating Officer; CCT – Chief Care Taker.

Women on Wealth-Life Balance

Women are finding it difficult to pursue these life and wealth goals simultaneously. They want wealth to be an agent to living their desired lifestyles.

84% of women view investing as a tool to create choices in life.

Bridging the Gap

Women want financial institutions to make a better effort to understand their realities. When asked about the financial industry and services more than half of the women surveyed said the financial services industry doesn’t reflect their lifestyles or realities.


…believe investing is set up to be confusing.


…say the financial services industry doesn’t reflect their lifestyles or realities.

Insights into Action

At PIMCO, we use data and analysis to inform action. Findings from our survey suggest actions financial advisors can take to better serve women investors.

Learn more about Women on Wealth-Life Balance and invest in your practice

Enhance Your Practice

How are women redefining performance?

Research has highlighted the positive influence of women’s perspectives on societal change, but what does this mean for the financial industry? Cathy Stahl, Managing Director at PIMCO, and John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll, discuss both how women are influencing the industry and their expectations for investment management.

About the Survey

At PIMCO, we believe diverse perspectives generate deeper insights, drive greater innovation and yield better outcomes for investors. That conviction, combined with our research-driven culture, led us to commission this large-scale market survey, Women, Investing and the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance.

The objective of the survey was to collect and analyze data that would illuminate the needs of women investors, including their motivations, goals, performance expectations and investment philosophy, to help ensure that the financial goals of this important segment of the investing population are being met – both here at PIMCO and throughout the financial services industry.

Women, Investing & the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance

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