Q: What is The PIMCO Foundation?
A: PIMCO's commitments go beyond investment management. In addition to focusing on meeting our responsibilities to the people and institutions who rely on us to manage their retirement and investment assets, we contribute to the communities where we work and live by giving our time and resources through The PIMCO Foundation. Established in 2001, The PIMCO Foundation operates both a giving program and volunteer program, aimed at supporting nonprofit organizations within our communities.

Q: What is The PIMCO Foundation's mission?
A: To empower people globally to reach their full potential.

Q: Does The PIMCO Foundation support organizations other than 501(c)(3) agencies?
A: No, The PIMCO Foundation can only provide financial support to IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organizations.

Q: Does the Foundation fund organizations based outside of the US?
A: No. At this time all organizations applying for funding must be based in the United States.

Q: What is your Community Support Sponsorship program?
A: Non-profit organizations based in Orange County, CA and the New York Metro area are welcome to submit event sponsorship requests to The PIMCO Foundation. Though event sponsorship requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, we ask that applications be 10 weeks prior to the event. The average amount of funding is $2,500 but requests may range from $250-$15,000. The online application may be found on our webpage under "Community Support Sponsorship."

Q: Does the Foundation provide emergency funding?
A: No.

Q: What does the Foundation not fund?
A: The PIMCO Foundation does not fund the following:

  • Lobbying
  • Annual fund drives
  • Social events
  • Sports teams/Clubs
  • Golf tournaments
  • Telethons or similar fundraising activities of applicants
  • Debt retirement or budget deficits
  • More than one project from the same entity in the same year
  • Academic or scientific research projects
  • More than 25% of agency annual budget
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Exclusively religious or sectarian projects
  • Individual scholarships
  • Foundations/Pass-through organizations

Applicants must operate without discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, gender (including gender identity and expression), age, marital status, military or veteran status, disability (physical or mental), or medical condition.

Q: Whom should I contact about submitting an application for funding?
A: PIMCO operates an invitation-only Grants Program. To discuss a specific initiative or learn more about the Grants Program, please contact Amber Skalsky at amber.skalsky@pimco.com.

Q: Does The PIMCO Foundation have a corporate volunteer program?
A: Yes. The PIMCO Foundation corporate volunteer program has been in existence since 2007. Each year we partner with numerous organizations in order to give back to our communities. We offer hands-on, skills-based, virtual and pro bono volunteer opportunities, plus we also run a Board Placement Program.

Q: Whom would I contact about potential volunteer opportunities?
A: For volunteer opportunities in Newport Beach, please contact Elizabeth Eckman at elizabeth.eckman@pimco.com. For volunteer opportunities in New York, please contact Lee Fabiaschi at lee.fabiaschi@pimco.com. For global opportunities, please contact Sarah Middleton at sarah.middleton@pimco.com.

Q: Does the Foundation have a matching gift program for PIMCO employees?
A: Yes, The PIMCO Foundation does operate an employee match program. This program is operated internally, and all requests must be made directly from permanent PIMCO employees.

Q: Does the Foundation have a Disaster Assistance program?
A: Yes. Through this program, we provide disaster relief to organizations working on the ground in affected areas.

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