PIMCO Foundation


MicroMentor's mission is to help beginning entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders thrive through mentoring. These newly empowered changemakers then improve their communities and economies by creating jobs and solving important problems for society.

PIMCO has teamed up with MicroMentor to connect its employees to small business entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs from around the world. Employees use their expertise to engage in a virtual mentoring relationship that will drive real change in small businesses and organizations.

MicroMentor, a Mercy Corps initiative, is an online mentoring platform that connects entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and corporate volunteers in meaningful, one-to-one mentoring relationships. MicroMentor’s unique solution – a combination of the web-based platform, a growing community of thousands of mentors and entrepreneurs, plus dedicated programmatic support – makes this a one-of-a-kind mentoring solution.

The MicroMentor online platform helps mentors and mentees create matches to develop a meaningful online mentoring relationship. Our employees and their mentees work together to identify mentee’s business needs and create a workplan using employees’ specific talents to address some of their biggest challenges.