Inclusion, Diversity
& Culture

Our Mission

PIMCO’s global Inclusion, Diversity & Culture (IDC) initiative seeks to heighten employees’ appreciation for diverse perspectives and skills, which in turn will facilitate increased collaboration and enhance our ability to attract, retain, develop, and engage top talent - all of which will lead to better outcomes for our clients and PIMCO.

Our Story

At PIMCO, we seek to create an environment where all our people can be their authentic selves. We dedicate ourselves daily to supporting a culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance so that our people and clients continue to thrive.

Our Programs

PIMCO’s Inclusion, Diversity and Culture philosophy is broader than the traditional paradigm and seeks to address all dimensions of identity in a set of program offerings that empower and support all our people.

News & Events

  • Global

    Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

    For the second consecutive year, PIMCO is honored to have achieved a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index (CEI) in recognition for our continued commitment to foster an inclusive and diverse work environment.

  • Americas

    Leading & Leveraging Diverse Teams

    In honor of Veterans Day, a decorated military veteran will share his approach to getting the job done by leveraging inclusive leadership skills to collaborate with diverse colleagues to achieve positive results.

  • Global

    Dispelling the Bias of Introverts

    An expert on leadership and innovation will challenge and broaden traditional definitions of “good performance” and make a case for fully leveraging both introverted and extroverted strengths.

  • Newport Beach

    Champion for Babies & Families

    MOMS Orange County, has awarded PIMCO with its inaugural Champion for Babies & Families Award for our support of working mothers.

  • Americas

    Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones

    Caring for your aging loved ones can present difficulties. A panel of experts from Charles Schwab and Hoag Personal Care Physicians discussed the various challenges that may arise.

  • Americas

    Allyship – Becoming a Champion of Inclusion

    A prominent straight ally and civil rights activist discussed the importance of ally support for non-majority groups in creating a more inclusive, diverse and productive environment.

  • Americas

    The Importance of Fostering an Inclusive Environment

    Emmanuel Roman, CEO, discussed the importance of a diversified talent pool and the value of engaging in a dialogue on race in the workplace.

  • Global

    The Benefits of Sponsorship for Sponsors and Protégés

    The Center for Talent Innovation presented thought-provoking research from the book Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor highlighting the benefits of sponsorship for one’s career and development.

  • Global

    See Bias, Block Bias

    The Clayman Institute for Gender Research presented thought-provoking research that highlights how language unconsciously triggers stereotypes and biases.

  • Newport Beach & New York

    Understanding the Paradox of Today’s Fathers and Working Families

    The Boston College Center for Work & Family discussed their provocative research on the changing role of fathers and facilitated a panel of PIMCO fathers as they discussed their experiences..

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Our Partnerships

PIMCO works in partnership with committed and distinguished organizations to develop program agendas, create content, source speakers and plan events for all of the firm’s Inclusion, Diversity & Culture affiliate groups.

  • 100 Women in Finance
  • OUT Leadership
  • 30 Club
  • Out for Undergrad
  • Reaching Out
  • The Patriots Initiative
  • Toigo
  • Veterans Business Network
  • Forte
  • MLT
  • UCI
  • WCM
  • WiPN
  • Womens Bond Club