Back in May 2007, PIMCO’s then-CEO announced the creation of PIMCO Partners, the firm’s employee volunteer program. That year, in my new role as volunteer program creator and implementer, I facilitated 23 volunteer events and mobilized 183 employee volunteers. Our t-shirts were navy blue, emblazoned with a “Bond With Us” tagline. I registered volunteers in Excel. And for our very first volunteer event, I crossed my fingers that people would show up. Well, did they ever! I realized quickly that my PIMCO colleagues were hungry for ways to give back. Even in 2007, in the program’s infancy, I was blown away by the care and compassion our PIMCO employee volunteers displayed.

Fast forward to 2016. We’ve come a long way, both as a firm and as an employee volunteer program. The brand “PIMCO Partners” no longer exists; now we call ourselves PIMCO Foundation Volunteers. Those blue t-shirts no longer exist either. But the care and compassion are stronger than ever.

Volunteering builds empathy. Volunteering builds skills. Volunteering builds relationships and communities. By volunteering as much and as meaningfully as they do, my PIMCO colleagues individually and collectively provide for transformative progress. They are the critical component of the success of the PIMCO Foundation around the globe.

And so I am thrilled to share that PIMCO has been recognized as one of America’s most community-minded companies in the 2016 Civic 50, an annual initiative from Points of Light – the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service – that identifies and recognizes companies who invest talent, time and resources to partner with and help improve the communities where they do business. The survey was published today and announced at Points of Light’s Conference on Volunteering and Service in Detroit.

We are honored (beyond honored!) to receive this distinction for our continued efforts to connect our business values to the needs of the communities where we live and work. To learn more about the Civic 50 or to read the comprehensive report,The 2016 Civic 50: Turning Good Intentions into Sound Business Practices, visit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I believe volunteering can change the world. Whether you volunteer at a homeless shelter or a school, with children or seniors, to clean up a neighborhood or clean up the ocean, volunteering changes you – for the better, I promise! Through volunteering, we can all be agents of change.

To all my PIMCO colleagues, I’m giving you a huge shout-out for all of the good and amazing works you do every single day. You are making this world a better place, and you are making PIMCO an even better company.

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