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PIMCO partners with Caltech in Computing and Mathematical Sciences

PIMCO will establish postdoctoral and graduate fellowships at Caltech


Newport Beach, California(12 July, 2018) – PIMCO, one of the world’s premier fixed income investmentmanagers, has partnered with the California Institute of Technology(Caltech), the world-renowned science and engineering institute, and willestablish the PIMCO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computing and MathematicalSciences and the PIMCO Graduate Fellowship in Computing and MathematicalSciences.

The PIMCO fellowships will sponsor two postdoctoral scholars and twograduate students in Caltech’s computing and mathematical sciencesdepartment as PIMCO and the Institute promote greater connectivity betweenacademia and the private sector.

“Through the new fellowships, we will partner with the next generation ofindustry leaders, building critical links with researchers at theintersection of data science, machine learning and economics,” saidMihir Worah, Chief Investment Officer of Asset Allocation and RealReturnwho oversees PIMCO’s quantitative initiatives. “Harnessing innovation andquantitative analysis have been integral to our investment process fordecades and we firmly believe we should support the researchers who will beat the cutting edge of the rapid technological changes underway.”

PIMCO’s collaboration with Caltech is part of a broader strategic effort tofurther integrate technological innovation and quantitative research intothe firm’s investment process. PIMCO recently announced it will open anoffice in Austin, Texas, in part to recruit talented technologists andquantitative analysts from around the world.

“As computer power increases exponentially, so too do the possibleapplications across all industries, including asset management,” says Emmanuel Roman, PIMCO’s Chief Executive Officer. “Theability to efficiently and effectively utilize the outputs fromtechnological advancements will support our efforts to provide robustinvestment returns and solutions to our clients for years to come.”

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