Investing in Uncertain Markets

Fear of the coronavirus’ impact on global growth has roiled markets. While we believe growth
should rebound after the outbreak abates, the sell-off is another stark reminder that
disruptors and uncertainty are playing an increasing role in global financial markets.
What should investors consider in uncertain times?
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Post-COVID Economy: Not the Way We Were

The COVID-19 crisis is likely to accelerate many underlying, secular disruptive forces already affecting economies and financial markets. This may only increase the difference between those companies, sectors, and countries that are being disrupted, and those that are acting more like disruptors. Distinguishing between the two is becoming crucial.

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Market Tested. Stress Tested. Time Tested.

PIMCO can help you navigate current market challenges:

Investment process

Our forward-looking investment process has helped millions of investors navigate changing market conditions - including times of stress.

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Active management

Active management helps to avoid outsized risks that are inherent in passive approaches, which has helped us deliver positive outcomes for investors through 50 years of changing environments.

Active investing

Risk management

Risk management is at the center of everything we do. We regularly stress test portfolios to prepare for market interruptions, so that when the world changes, we are ready.

Risk Management

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What’s Ahead for the Economy and Markets: Key Highlights

Group CIO Dan Ivascyn provides a quick overview of PIMCO’s macroeconomic outlook and the implications for financial markets.

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Guides for Turbulent Markets

Factoring in the Human Factor

How can Behavioral Finance help us in turbulent times? When it comes to making decisions, we’re much less rational than we think:

What are Biases and Why Are They Relevant?

Investor Education

Information is key to making successful investment decisions. Expand your knowledge of fixed income and global markets:

Everything You Need to Know About Bonds

The What, Why and How of Investing in Bonds

A mini book with practical responses to some of the most commonly asked questions about investing in Bonds.


Smart Charts

A library of timely economic and market charts that you can download, save and share:

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